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"Legacy" comes from who you are, not what you do

How do you make a difference without losing yourself in the process?

Times have changed. In today’s world, senior managers and leaders are struggling to keep their seat at the decision making table. The reasons are the unrelenting focus on cutting costs, and that what most businesses value is constantly shifting. It is no longer good enough to be technically brilliant.

Being at the top of your game 24/7, torn between home and work, has become the norm. The result? Inner conflict resulting in your fear of failure, rejection, and ultimately burn out, and external conflict in the shape of unhealthy relationships and diminished reputation. Yet having studied those who have achieved a comfortable balance, and other successful leaders in business, one thing is plainly clear to me. Success rarely comes from what they do; it's all about how they do it.

I’ve watched in shock as leaders in private conversations downplay a colleagues technical skills in favour of someone more popular. I've then sat with that colleague and heard how the lack of strategy and unispiring environment is impacting every facet of their life. It was this insight that really motivated me to make a difference. I knew I had to create a solution and help frustrated professionals have the opportunity they deserve.

My powerful system focuses on your needs and aspirations, mitigating the risk of failure, rejection and burn out along the way. This methodology consists of four critical dimensions. They are:

My mission is to lift the veil for all leaders and help them succeed in spite of their critics. My clients come to me lonely and disillusioned, and leave me already taken a steps removing conflict that's holding them back.

My Story

At the pinnacle of my corporate career, to the outside world I had everything. I travelled the globe making enormous decisions, with million pound budgets at my fingertips.

One evening in a roof top cocktail bar in Hong Kong, I looked out across the bay and felt the loneliest you could ever imagine. My family and friends were incredibly proud of me. But nobody knew I felt numb inside. I had a horrific relationship with my passive-aggressive boss, and all the technical skills that got me the job were now my Achilles heel. I had nowhere to turn and nobody to talk to I could genuinely trust.

Two years earlier I left a brilliant job in a great company because there were no opportunities ahead of me. Yet here I was in another brilliant job in an even greater company with a brick wall between me and that illusive seat at the top table. They were both brilliant jobs, and I was stressed in both of them. I soon realised that until I was ready to make a personal investment in my own development, every fantastic opportunity would elude me.

What I did next shocked everyone, including me. I used my annual bonus to buy a yacht with no idea how to sail it. One summers day drifting with no sense of direction and no wind in the sails, an idea came to me - that idea led to me devising a programme that would let other leaders experience my sailing metaphor.

Now I help frustrated professionals and leaders get and keep their seat or voice at the table. My work begins where many Coaches, Consultants, Therapists and Mentors finish. I don't believe you need fixing; you're already successful and renowned for what you do. But I do believe you're often lonely and disillusioned - I know this because I've been there.

I hear you, and I can help you. Book your free Wake Up Call here.