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  • Barry Joinson - Personal & Professional Coaching

The heart of the issue, quickly

Simon, Branch Director EMEA

I firmly believe that without Barry's compassion and questioning, many of the challenges I've faced would not have been overcome without significant fallout and subsequent commercial and reputational damage.

Barry has been a constant source of understanding and stretch and I have found myself to this day continually seeking his help working through such challenges.


Nathaniel, Social Media Consultant

Barry was recommended to me by a media pal in the west end. In just under three hours I have genuinely tripled my income, and closed lots of new opportunities for the future development of my business.

Barry has an uncanny ability to ask all the right questions which has created clarity very quickly for me. I am not as stressed out as before and I am even managing to take days off to enjoy time with my friends!

Laura, Head of Learning

With bags of patience and an ability to help you dig deep and make sense of the nub of the issue, Barry works with you to develop a trusting and relaxed relationship which creates a safe environment conducive to working through any issue.

Without fail I would leave each coaching session with a sore head - testament to Barry's ability to enable me to clearly articulate the issue, and understand any complexity so that I can plan my next steps.


Marcus, Senior Consultant

I attended The Leader Ship programme off the coast of Brighton. Barry's approach was excellent, observing and then providing feedback and recommendations on how I can be a stronger leader through better relationship management.

I would definitely recommend this event for those wanting a fun way to learn about themselves whilst working with others.


Helen, Business Partner

I admire his ability to coach and guide our senior stakeholders through a range of situations including conflict management, self development and building resilience.

Barry has the ability to challenge and support to drive the best outcome, both for business and commercial gain but also individual needs.


Debby, Human Resources Director

Barry’s approach has fundamentally shifted the structure and focus of our senior manager team. He encourages leaders to get to the heart of the issue quickly. His style positively promotes asking yourself the difficult questions when we all too often play the game of avoidance. His direct and supportive approach means that you can do this in a way that generates appropriate decisions and actions for positive change.