Trusted Confidant & Coach

Are you frustrated and feel trapped in your role?

Times have changed, and in today’s world, a large majority of leaders, especially those who are silently struggling, are scared of losing their job. The reason is the unrelenting focus on cutting costs and that what most of these businesses value in their people is constantly shifting; it is no longer enough to be technically brilliant.

My twenty plus years in business helping leaders decide who stays and who goes gives me a unique insight. I know what gets that leadership endorsement. Having studied those who have achieved a seat at the table, and other successful leaders in business, one thing is plainly clear. Success comes from who you are, not what you do.

My 7 Mistakes Overlooked Leaders Make includes case studies and tips that will help you overcome the challenges overlooked leaders like you experience. What I share is underpinned by my unique methodology that gets overlooked leaders a seat or a voice at the table, and makes sure they keep it once they have it.

My mission is to lift the veil for all overlooked leaders and help them succeed in spite of their critics. My clients come to me angry and disillusioned, and leave me having already taken steps towards the table.