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Are you bored of going around in circles?

Can you afford to miss this boat?

My most popular programme, The Leader Ship, has miraculous results in just one day. It is designed to put leaders under stress at sea and observe how they behave. This is for anyone who wants to be able to confront new situations with an open mind.

The programme enables those who are regularly overlooked to experience the realities of being at the table and help identify what could be holding them back. It’s hard to convey the mental engagement that takes place, working in a tight-knit group of strangers under pressure.

It can be a lonely place for leaders, so the team delve deep into your fears and beliefs, giving you an opportunity to really reflect on the stories you’re telling yourself about your situation.

The perfect antidote is the feedback from others that tests yours and their assumptions – this helps you all understand how others experience each of you as a leader. With this knowledge you can begin to understand how changing your approach at work and home will open new opportunities to you.

This is a challenging and hugely rewarding programme you can’t replicate in the classroom, and it’s not for the faint hearted. But if you are truly serious about taking a step towards the life you'd rather be having, and you are tired of being frustrated, you can’t afford to miss this boat. Contact me here to find out more.

Marcus, Senior Consultant

I attended The Leader Ship programme off the coast of Brighton. Barry's approach was excellent, observing and then providing feedback and recommendations on how I can be a stronger leader through better relationship management.

I would definitely recommend this event for those wanting a fun way to learn about themselves whilst working with others.